Hi Dave I am a first time visitor to Greece and set aside 2 weeks in late May/June. I will be travelling with my wife (50-55yrs) and we are keen on the outdoors/beaches, like good food, enjoyable nightlife (but no overly hectic) and a nice social atmosphere. I was hoping to spend a couple of days in Athens at either the front or back end but then head to the islands. I would be very grateful for your views on what islands/villages you think best fit the above profile, I was thinking 2 or 3 islands and the budget is very flexible. Thanks in advance, cheers Ross

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Hi Dave, helpful article first of all, thank you!

I am a solo woman thinking to travel to mykonos end of september. I was wondering if its a good idea for a solo, is it dangerous ? do i have to be careful ? would i get bored alone ?

im into sightseeing and partying. is there any website of apps you know that i could meet nice people.

what activities / places do you recommend for me

any useful information would be amazing


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Planning a summer 2022 trip to the islands of Greece. Any deals available on the three map sets for Santorini, Naxos and Mykonos?

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