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New guides to Tulum, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mexico City, more.

I’ve been quiet through the winter but hoping to get back to regular emails with lots of updated content. For now, check out my new Mexico site: - the best beaches, bars, restaurants, hotels, and places to stay in Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mexico City, and a bunch of other places.

Update on charitable giving: Just gave $2400 to @GiveDirectly and $2400 to @GiveIndia. (I highly recommend both.) We missed our giving goal for 2020 by a pretty large margin but still managed to donate $48,355 in the last 15 months - since Covid hit. (Also gave to @UnitedWayKC Food Relief.) Hopefully, lots more to come on the donation front as travel returns to normal.

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Let me know what you think about the new Mexico site.

Greece, Europe, Mexico, Seattle

New and updated stuff from Santorini Dave.

I’ve been creating a page with photos of every Santorini hotel with a caldera view. It’s not finished but I still wanted to share it. Check it out.

New & updated Greece content:
Santorini: Ferry Travel during Covid (July 10)
Santorini: Avocado Restaurant (July 9)
Nafplio: Best Restaurants (July 9)
Santorini: Fira To Oia Hiking Trail (July 9)
Santorini: Metaxi Mas Restaurant (July 8)
Greece: What to Know Before You Go (July 2)
Greece: Travel Guide (June 30)
Paros: Travel Guide (June 30)
Paros: Best Bars and Clubs (June 30)
Paros: Best Restaurants (June 26)
Paros: Travel Videos (June 22)
Paros: Where to Stay (June 22)
Greece: The Best Greek Islands (June 21)
Paros: Best Beach Hotels (June 20)
Paros: Best Tours and Things to Do (June 19)
Paros: Using the Bus (June 18)
Athens: Acropolis Tickets (June 18)
Antiparos: Best Hotels (June 17)
Santorini: Walking Tours (June 13)
Naxos: Best Tours and Things to Do (June 12)
Athens: Travel Videos (June 11)
Naxos: When to Go (June 11)
Naxos: Agios Prokopios Beach (June 11)
Naxos: Plaka Beach (June 9)
Athens: Leather Shop (June 8)
Santorini: Tomato Museum (June 8)
Mykonos: Hippie Fish Beach Club (June 7)
Mykonos: Water Taxi (June 7)
Mykonos: Pasaji Beach Club (June 7)
Santorini: Beer & Brewing Company (June 6)
Santorini: Canava Ouzo Distillery (June 6)
Naxos: Where to Stay (June 5)

New & updated non-Greece content:
Venice: Boutique Hotels (July 9)
Playa del Carmen: Family Hotels (July 7)
Playa del Carmen: Where to Stay (July 6)
Playa del Carmen: Best Hotels (July 6)
Amsterdam: Where to Stay (July 2)
Friday Harbor: Where to Stay (June 30)
Tulum: Where to Stay (June 29)
Seattle: Best Tours & Things To Do (June 27)
San Sebastian: Boutique Hotels (June 19)

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Big Changes at Santorini Dave

A new focus on Greece and Europe - and other updates.

What’s new at Santorini Dave?

  • Our tagline is now Greece And Beyond and marks a new focus on Greece and a few other top European cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence, London, Paris, and Rome).

  • We’ll continue to cover popular destinations like Tulum (our favorite place in Mexico), Seattle (home for most of the SD team), Thailand (those amazing beaches), Tokyo (amazing everything), and many others - but we won’t try to do everything as we have in the past.

  • We continue to donate $5 to GiveDirectly for every hotel booking made through our site (more info here). We started the year with a goal of donating $400,000 to that wonderful charity. Needless to say, due to Covid and the extreme drop-off in travel, we will not be meeting this goal. But our donations have continued and we’ve given $26,180 since the pandemic started and $65,345 since the beginning of the year. Hopefully, we can get back to traveling (and larger donations) at some point in the not too distant future.

  • From this week forward, we won’t be posting nearly as often on any of our social media accounts. We’re now devoting the time and effort we poured into those sites to the Santorini Dave website. So, do look for an increased amount of new and updated content on our site. (This monthly email will list all of it.)

Recently updated:

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